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LibreOffice News: LibreOffice – The Indispensable Office Suite of Choice for University/College Students

Contributed by admin on Aug 31, 2015 - 09:44 PM

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A Community Driven Office Suite Project

Looking for the perfect office suite for your upcoming term work? Have a peek at LibreOffice from The Document Foundation. LibreOffice is a worldwide community driven project with the aim of creating an office suite compatible with international ISO file format standards. Over the last sixteen years, LibreOffice has had help from over 900 developers with the maintenance of its code base and also has hundreds of volunteers helping with its "Get Help" channels (mailing list and forums), documentation (text books and online documentation) and its +100 translations. LibreOffice comes with 5 recognizable modules: "Writer"; "Calc"; "Impress" (presentation-slide module); "Draw"; "Base"; "Math" with compatibility for many MS file formats AND is even able to import multitudes of additional files of various formats.

And all of this for FREE! ...

What does this all mean for you as far as term work and why should you try LibreOffice?

It means being able to download your very own copy of the software onto your laptop or desktop's hardrive, no need to use any “web” maintained office suite. It means that, at every new upgrade version, you will not need to pay, nor will you ever be asked to pay LibreOffice. It means, installing software where you can get help for any issues you may encounter with the styling or document setup or any other issue through the LibreOffice “Get Help” channels (mailing lists or forums), and, where in most cases, your questions are answered within the hour or that very same day by one of the wonderful volunteer helpers worldwide –  helplines are there for you, literally, 24-7 year round! It means having an office suite where you can integrate your preferred reference management service such as Zotero or Mendeley etc. It means using a Math module that is extensively updated and optimized for performance. It means downloading and installing LibreOffice makes you part of the LibreOffice community and part of the LibreOffice software project ... it is now “your” LibreOffice project office product, just like I am.

Worried about software security, malware, viruses? LibreOffice has a security team devoted to making the software as clean and safe as possible, and, in fact, LibreOffice has its code reviewed regularly through Coverity Scan, and where the LibreOffice code scans are of spectacular results. Worried about MS file format compatibility? LibreOffice has a team keeping pace with format compatibility and is quick to respond to any related issues. Worried about finding a bug and being ignored if you report it? LibreOffice has a dedicated QA (quality assurance) team who help triage any bugs and helps queue them up for our many volunteer developers.

So join the tens of millions who have already downloaded LibreOffice and join in with the LibreOffice worldwide community project. Get your term work done knowing that you have a team of hundreds backing you up with their community software product.

Author: Marc Paré is a volunteer marketing helper with LibreOffice since its birth and is also a primary school teacher. Marc has also interests in the world of early music - Marc may be reached at Marc lives in Waterloo Ontario, Canada.

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